Like most of the world, we were blown away when Facebook announced it was acquiring WhatsApp for the enormous sum of $19 billion. “What exactly is WhatsApp?” we wondered. We set out to answer that question, in our usual Planet Nutshell style. Everyone was onboard, including our favorite voiceover artist, Doug Turkel.

From initial script to final cut, the entire project was completed in only a week! That’s the fastest turnaround we’ve ever had for a video, and although we had to cut a few corners to get it done (no time for a storyboard – not generally recommended), we think it came out pretty well! We’re very proud of the outcome and the positive feedback it has received. Fun fact – Josh sent this spec video to WhatsApp and received a response from none other than WhatsApp founder Jan Koum, thanking us for making an “awesome video.”

Check out the video below to learn more about this social messaging craze.