Frequently Asked Questions

What is your production process?

We typically divide projects up into several phases. Each gives you the opportunity to give us your feedback and input. These phases include:

  • Discovery and Consultations
  • Script
  • Storyboard
  • Moodboard
  • Style Frames
  • Design & Animation
  • Sound Design & Music

Each step of the process usually includes two rounds of feedback and revision. Upon project kickoff, we will create a detailed schedule of deliverables for you. 

How long does it take? 

For animation, production time is highly dependent on the final length and complexity of the video. Typically, though, a 90-second video takes about eight to ten weeks to fully produce.  

For live action, production time is dependent of the scope of the production, ie. the number of locations, shoot days, interviews conducted, and b-roll acquisition needs. Typically, a simple one-camera shoot and edit takes about two weeks to fully produce. 

How long should my video be? 

We encourage clients to make their videos as short as possible. Not only are shorter videos often cheaper to produce, studies show that most people have the attention span of a goldfish. We have created videos as short as 15 seconds, and as long as 10 minutes, but our average runtime is about 90 seconds. We are happy to discuss and evaluate your needs and goals to scope out the right length for you. 

Should I make a live action video, an animated video, or something that combines both?

We think that live action is a great choice when you want to portray compelling real-world personalities. Animation is great for exploring conceptual ideas, and it gives you the ability to portray imaginary worlds, explain complex topics, and travel without limits. 

Many of our best productions combine both live action and animation. It all comes down to deciding which approach is right for your particular communication/storytelling challenge. 

Who is going to make my video?

Our work is made by a full-time team of people who live and work in the Boston area. We are a tight-knit group of creative types who are talented at their respective crafts, detail oriented, highly emotionally intelligent, and represent a diverse range of backgrounds. To increase our range of capabilities, we also work with a select group of freelancers in North America and Europe who help us when we’re looking for a special look or approach. You can learn more about us here

For our live action productions, we are partnered with True Life Media, which is based in Portland, Maine. 

What is your revision and feedback process? 

We typically offer two rounds of revision on each phase of production. We use a variety of feedback tools that allow us to collaborate with clients around the world. 

How long will I have to give feedback? 

We usually ask for feedback within 48 hours of your receipt of a deliverable. 

I run marketing/PR/branding at my company. At what point before a new product or service launch should I engage with you? 

We can enter the process at any point, but we find that it’s usually best from a brand perspective for us to engage after you have already established a visual/brand identity. This allows us to harmonize with it and deliver something that’s brand-aligned from the get-go. 

What is a typical budget for your videos?

Budget is dependent on many factors. In the case of animation, that may include the complexity of the motion graphics, the desire for character animation, and the inclusion of 3D modeling and animation. In the case of live action, cost is driven by the number of locations and talents needed, as well as the complexity of the edit. 

Get in touch to discuss your needs, and we’ll develop a budget that’s right for the project you have in mind. 

Do you offer a discount for a series or package of videos?

Yes, because of the efficiencies involved with creating a series or package, there are often significant savings. Contact us about your project to learn more.

Can you localize a video to other languages? What does that entail? What about subtitles? 

Yes, we do this regularly. It involves translating the script, recording a new voiceover, editing any on-screen text, and retiming the video to match the pacing of the new language. 

We also offer subtitling in English and any other language you require. 

Can you make a shorter version of my video for social media? 

We call these “cutdowns,” and yes, we can create them for you.