We recently wrapped up a huge broadcast rebranding project for our friends over at Utah Education Network – complete with Station IDs, lower thirds, station bugs, interstitials and more. This was a new challenge for us so we decided to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the process.


We met with the Client and discussed their goal to update the look and feel of their station while highlighting their brand and the beautiful Utah landscape. We made a giant spreadsheet to keep track of everything, here’s a peek at part of it:


Once we had our goals and pre-production planning nailed down, we started storyboarding some of the elements to figure out how they would move. Here are some storyboard panels for two of the the transitions:


Next, we set to work designing the interstitials, many of which were concepted around showing everyday people transitioning into imagined Utah landscapes. 


Once all the designs were done, we set to work animating them, picking out and editing music, as well as working with voiceover artists. Here’s a Sizzle Reel we edited together showcasing lots of the graphic elements!

Motion Graphics Templates

Then it was time to create MOGRT templates! (It rhymes with “yogurt.”) We created these for the folks at UEN to choose from and customize – for example, putting the times and names of programs into the Coming Up spots.

In total, we produced 47 different elements for UEN to brand their television channel and we learned a ton along the way! We are super proud of how these all turned out, but there are too many to share here. If you’re in the area, check them out soon on KUEN 9.1 Salt Lake City / Ogden.