We’re thrilled to announce the release of a series of four spots for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Care that Fits You campaign. Produced in collaboration with the wonderful folks at MORE Advertising, these spots use a storytelling approach to promote overall wellness in the gay community, as well as the use of the PrEP, an HIV prophylactic medication. The key goal of the campaign was to normalize the experience of talking about sexual health and encourage viewers to seek out care that fits their individual needs.

Here’s a closer look at the production process for Episode One:


The campaign is meant to reach audiences across Massachusetts, but the key target audience is in Greater Boston, so we did a bunch of research of our hometown to get the right kind of scenery and backgrounds.


Here are some storyboard frames from the project, emphasizing lots of movement in a bustling city on a busy day and the normalcy of video chatting with a friend in the middle of it all.


With more complex projects like these, it is helpful to create an animatic with scratch audio to show the overall timing of the video and to make sure that the storyboard images work when put into a time framework.

Character & Background Designs

Next it was time to design the two main characters. Jen put together this lineup for the client to choose from:

Meanwhile, Songyi worked on the backgrounds, which she produced as flat artwork, meaning they did not have textures or lighting applied:

Animation & Sound Design

Once all the backgrounds and characters were created, Jen and Mollie tackled the animation and final compositing of lighting and texture. Here’s the final product, complete with sound design by Taiko Sound.

Episode 1: Talk To Your Doctor About PrEP

Episode 2: Get The Facts About PrEP

Episode 3: Find The Care That Fits You

Episode 4: Care That Fits You – Telehealth