If you’ve been shopping for an explainer video, you’ve probably discovered that there are quite a few producers out there. When I speak with prospective clients, I like to explain what makes Planet Nutshell so special. So, without further ado, here’s what makes us the right choice for your project:

1. Service
When a client hires us, they’re not just hiring an animation studio, they’re hiring a partner. We work with clients to discover their goals and how to best communicate them to their audience. Plus, we offer unlimited script and storyboard revisions. No one else offers our level of commitment and personal contact.

2. Expertise
We’ve been making explainer videos since 2007, making us true pioneers in our space. As a result, some of the biggest companies in the world have trusted us to tell their stories.

3. Creativity
We believe there’s a unique solution for each client. That’s why we take a highly creative approach to every project, and we’re never cookie-cutter. As our portfolio reflects, we’re not afraid to take risks and try out new ideas and approaches.

4. Passion
We treat every project like our future depends on it, and we’re constantly striving to make each project better than the last.

5. Proven performance
Our videos have been seen by millions around the world. For example, our Google Wallet video was displayed on every Android phone that supported the app.

But it’s not just about views. Effectiveness and conversion are even more important. Here are a couple of highlights from past projects:

  • PlayOn reported a doubling of their product download rate after our video was placed on their homepage.
  • Foundation Medicine reported that average engagement with our video is extraordinarily high: 78% of viewers watch 100% of the video, rather than stopping it at some point in the middle. For reference, typically only 42% of viewers watch a video of this length in its entirety.