I’m very excited to finally share our recent acquisition by Google, Inc. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship as providers of intensely engaging, and intensely human, storytelling experiences for Google’s many audiences. In a nutshell, we’re delighted that we can expand the reach of our award-winning Internet content and bring the one-of-a-kind video experiences that Planet Nutshell is known for to billions of new viewers.

You may be asking, why Planet Nutshell, and why now? I can’t talk about too many of the details of the acquisition, but I can say that we at Planet Nutshell have been working to make the world a better place for some time now. Google executives expressed some discomfort that we were doing a better job of making the world a better place than they were, so they decided to bring our better-world making talents in-house. Now the world can truly be a better place, thanks to their technology and our creativity.

With this monumental change will come a few necessary adjustments. First, Google will be implementing a few algorithms designed to streamline our creative process and de-emphasize our reliance on human staff. Based on their calculations, we can be 90 percent more creative with a 120 percent smaller staff. As a result, our videos will be as much as 30 percent better. And the world will be 79 percent better.

Just like Aristotle once said, “them numbers don’t lie,” and for us, the acquisition was a complete no-brainer.

I look forward to sharing more about Planet Nutshell’s future, but for now, please join us in enjoying this proud moment of disruptive synergy.

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