At Planet Nutshell we have been super fortunate over the years to have worked for a lot of different Public Broadcasting affiliates and we thought it would be fun to look back at some of our favorites.

We’re super proud of Artsville, as it was one of the first series that we fully conceived on our own (with the invaluable guidance of our friends at Kentucky Educational Television, of course!).

Bluegrass music and animation go together like beans and cornbread, as we showed in this fun little ditty — also for KET. I promise it will put a smile on your face.

We also worked with KET to help spread the word about early childhood literacy and some easy ways to engage with kids, turning everyday life into learning opportunities to read, talk, count, play, move and connect.

Utah Education Network has been a partner for nearly as long as Planet Nutshell has been in existence. It was a natural fit then, when we created a broadcast identity package for them.

Every year, we create a broadcast holiday spot for UEN. Enjoy this recent one!

We worked with our friends at WNET in New York to produce an animated interpretation of an interview with Gloria Steinem. Steinem discusses her early perceptions of Marilyn Monroe and how those perceptions changed over time.

Our work for WNET continued with this video from a series we produced about physics topics. It seemed appropriate to use a rhinoceros when explaining the relationship between mass and force.

And what compilation of PBS work would be complete without a video for our hometown station, GBH Boston? Produced for Design Squad Latinx, this video explains how a pulley works. In this case, how to use a pulley to deliver lunch!

We are super proud of the work we have done for PBS over the years and look forward to all that’s to come!