We just finished up a great collaboration with our friends at Harvard Business Publishing. The result is a lovely video that their client, IBM, is very happy with. It it, we helped them explain the impact of an emergent trend in business called “The Connected Economy.” This new paradigm has implications and impacts at every level of business. The only question is, who will seize the new opportunities the connected economy provides, and who will miss the boat? Our mission was to answer that question in 90 seconds!



The Script:

Fast, efficient production lines powered by industrial machines with embedded smart sensors and software…

Design and engineering firms collaborating and sharing across clouds to improve speed and quality…

Welcome to the connected economy—a new business reality in which companies create value through technology-enabled links among people, machines, and organizations.

Revolutionary change is here, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Some companies are prepared to seize the day; they are the connected economy leaders, who are already taking action to reap huge rewards. Laggards are getting left behind, watching disruption overtake them as their revenues tumble.

What does it take to succeed in the connected economy? A new global survey identifies strategies of leaders that are nimbly capitalizing on new opportunities and winning the game.

First, leaders fully understand the threat from digital disruption, and they value strong IT leadership.

Meanwhile, their visionary CIOs are closely involved in setting strategies at the highest level. As a result, they lead digital initiatives that depend on tight collaboration between technology and lines of business.

And finally, leaders invest in IT infrastructure that enables and supports collaboration, innovation, and speed. These IT systems will understand, reason, and learn, helping companies accelerate technology breakthroughs and act at the speed of thought.

How can your organization succeed in the connected economy? Learn more at ibm.com/IThero