Our latest video explains how Tripod helps teachers and administrators gain crucial insights about student experiences, insights that make it possible to help every student engage and succeed. We loved working with Tripod Education Partners on this one and we were honored to be a part of their mission.



The script:

Imagine what teachers might do differently if they understood what students were really feeling and experiencing in the classroom.

Thanks to Tripod, giving teachers access to student perspectives is an easy process.

First, administrators log into their Tripod account and invite teachers to launch a classroom-level survey. Teachers can get started with a survey in just a few clicks.

Next, students fill out the survey on computers or other devices with Internet access, revealing thoughts more honestly and completely than they ever could in the daily flow of classroom life.

Tripod surveys measure a range of key indicators of student engagement, plus seven proven teaching components we call the Tripod 7 Cs.

Survey results are compiled for teachers in clear online reports that inspire new ideas for teaching. Meanwhile, building-level summaries for administrators spark fresh insights for instructional leadership. Before you know it, students are more engaged, and more successful.

At Tripod, we know that every classroom has a story. Join us to discover all that your students are ready to share.