Our new video for Scholars Strategy Network couldn’t come at a more pertinent time. Their core mission is to improve policy and strengthen democracy by connecting researchers and scholars with key stakeholders in government, media, civic organizations, and beyond. How does that work in the real world, and how are they working to cut through the noise, fake news, and misinformation that are rampant today? Watch the video to find out.

The Script:

Our world is saturated with information. Much of it is unreliable.

How can leaders and policymakers sift through it all and make smart decisions?

How can journalists find credible experts to weigh in?

And how can citizens make informed choices?

It’s never been harder to cut through the noise, bias, and confusion, but there is a solution: the Scholars Strategy Network.

Our mission is to connect policymakers, civic organizations, journalists, and citizens with research that supports better public policy and better media coverage.

To do that, we’ve built a growing, nationwide network of researchers–all volunteers, and all committed to sharing their work and explaining it clearly.

Our members are ready to lend their expertise wherever it’s needed.

Across a range of issues, the Scholars Strategy Network is making an impact nationwide.

In Massachusetts, policymakers turned to our experts, whose research pointed to a bi-partisan tax law that gave four hundred fifteen thousand low-income families a raise.

In Washington, our researchers told the White House to cut red tape for college financial aid, and they did, making life a little easier for millions of students.

And thanks in part to research provided by our members, over two hundred thousand more people in New Mexico now qualify for Medicaid coverage.

Scholars Strategy Network: Research to improve policy and strengthen democracy. Connect with us today to learn more.