Reflection Sciences asked us to explain the Minnesota Executive Function Scale app, a powerful tool for scoring and tracking executive function.



The script:

At Reflection Sciences, we’re passionate about measuring what matters. That’s why we developed the first simple, fast, and objective assessment of executive function.

Often called the “air traffic control system” of the mind, executive function is a set of cognitive skills that allow children to pay attention, keep information in mind, manage their behavior, and think flexibly. It’s no surprise, then, that executive function is a powerful predictor of healthy lifelong development, including emotional intelligence and academic success.

Based on scientific research, and designed for ages two and up, the Minnesota Executive Function Scale, or MEFS, offers a reliable way to quickly evaluate executive function.

The MEFS is presented as a fun game on a tablet, and takes just five minutes to complete. The game, which features pattern and color matching challenges, adapts to a person’s age and performance to yield a valid EF score.

Of course, no assessment is complete without actionable results. Use our online portal to compare scores against norms, identify children in need of additional assessment, track the development of executive function, and evaluate the effectiveness of teaching practices and curricula.

Refection Sciences is committed to helping educators equip children with the cognitive, social, and emotional skills that are vital for long term success. Contact us and request a demo to learn how we can help you measure what matters!