Here’s a fresh new ditty we just completed for our Irish friends at Pulseway. We really enjoyed helping them articulate their value proposition in about 45 seconds. We also enjoyed learning that there’s a whole country made up of people from Boston. Who knew?


The script:

When IT systems need attention, you want to be the first to know and take action, no matter where you are. That’s why there’s Pulseway, the simple way to securely monitor and control everything IT from any mobile device.

Say you’re at a conference or meeting, miles from your office. Now, there’s no need to drive into work just to fix a problem. Simply fire up the Pulseway app and voila: you can take immediate action straight from your mobile device.

Pulseway is designed to work seamlessly and securely with all your systems, giving you total control – anywhere, anytime.

Pulseway: The way IT heroes are made.