It’s always great when you get to work with your favorite neighbor. We teamed up with Gentle Giant Moving company, whose main office is just around the corner from our studio, to help their customers understand how to prepare for move day. They decided that making a fun video would be much more effective than handouts and emails. Naturally, we agree. Enjoy the story we developed about the Brown family, as well as a lovable sloth family who aren’t quite as organized as the Browns.







The script:

Meet the Browns and their cub, Lucy. Soon, they’ll be moving to a lovely new den.

For some, moving can be pretty, well, unbearable. But fortunately, the Browns chose Gentle Giant, the most trusted and respected name in moving. They know they’re in good hands, and thanks to our guarantee, if they’re not satisfied with any crew member, that crew member’s labor is free.

Before their move, the Browns do a few things to ensure their move is fast, efficient, and on-budget.

First, they complete our high value form, so we know what’s precious to them. Based on the value of their belongings, and for their peace of mind, the Browns choose to purchase moving insurance through Gentle Giant.

Before move day, the Browns secure the things we do not move. They also set aside other important items they want with them during their move, including Lucy’s favorite blanket.

The Browns leave plenty of time to carefully and securely pack. But we know that most creatures aren’t perfect like the Browns. If you’re in over your snout with packing, please call us right away and we’ll send a packing crew to help you out.

On move day, the Browns feel confident they’ve hired movers they can trust. Our professionals will definitely know if they damage anything and the Browns can depend on Gentle Giant to make them aware of any mishap, and repair or replace it right away.

After the move, the Browns leave something extra for the crew. Tips aren’t required, but they sure are appreciated if you feel we went above and beyond.

And finally, the Browns fill out our feedback form. It helps us learn and improve, as well as take care of any concerns you may have. We’re committed to being the best, so your feedback is absolutely vital.

Your friends at Gentle Giant look forward to your move day.