Our longtime client, Foundation Medicine, asked us to create a video that would be presented in their booth at ASCO, the world’s largest clinical oncology conference, as well as on Foundation Medicine’s homepage. Learn more about this project in our case study.


The script:

To decode the language of cancer,

to understand everything it’s saying,

you have to look deeper.

You have to look for more

to uncover what others can’t find.

At Foundation Medicine,

we’ve set the highest standard

with the most comprehensive genomic profiles available:

FoundationOne and FoundationOne Heme.

We search the entire coding region

of every clinically relevant cancer gene,

to identify all four classes of genomic alterations:

Base Substitutions

Copy Number Alterations

Short Insertions/Deletions (Indels)

Rearrangements, such as gene fusions

A test that looks deeper,

A test that reveals up to 3x targeted therapy options

A test that’s trusted by >20 pharma partners

and supported by an expert team of oncologists, pathologists, and PhDs

is only the beginning.

You want the best for the patients you care for.

We empower you with:


Informs your treatment decisions


Connects you with peers who have treated similar patients.


Brings precision cancer care to every patient, regardless of financial situation,

removes the burden of access to targeted therapies and clinical trials from your care team.

From test to results to treatment,

Only Foundation Medicine offers a total solution

to help you deliver the best possible patient care

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