Digilant challenged us to explain their complex, real-time ad targeting technology. The result was a clean and simple video that helped them launch the product successfully.

So what did Digilant think about working with us?





The script:

In the quest to reach the right audiences, ad targeting has gotten pretty darn smart.

But it could be smarter.

That’s why Digilant developed Consumer Persona, which elevates ad targeting from smart to downright genius.

First, there was programmatic targeting, which relies on data analysis to target consumer traits and demographic groups. Then along came lookalikes, which uses existing customer data, but with limited segments, to to predict and model a larger group of similar potential customers.

While programmatic targeting and lookalikes have improved results for marketers, they still miss many potential targets.they’re far from perfect, and that means wasted impressions and increased ad spend.

That’s where Consumer Persona comes in. Instead of just targeting static segments, it analyzes real time data from an active campaign, or pixel, building a highly accurate picture of who is really engaging and converting.

Take the case of a cloud storage company that launched a campaign targeting these typical segments. Looks good, right?

But hang on. Using real-time conversion data and proprietary analysis, the Digilant team discovered that some of these segments weren’t accurate, and there were even new, undiscovered ones.

Fashionistas? yoga? Interesting!

So, Digilant dynamically targeted the campaign to segments that were actually performing. The result was a significant conversion lift, and crucial insights for future campaigns.

To learn how Consumer Persona can take your next campaign from merely brainy to totally brilliant contact us today.