We’re proud to release a new video for the wonderful folks at DealerRater.com. I really enjoyed meeting with members of their senior management team at their nearby office in Waltham, Mass. to develop the “key” concepts. See what I did there?



The script:

This is a story about how DealerRater helped Ray and his team at Everytown Motors sell and service more cars.

Ninety percent of consumers rely on third party reviews to help choose the dealership where they buy or service their car. Ray was missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with new customers, build trust, and earn their business. That is, until Ray discovered DealerRater.

Reviews on DealerRater share the stories of real people doing business with Ray’s dealership. These stories helped shoppers connect with Everytown–and even more importantly–connect directly with Ray or someone on his sales or service team.

DealerRater’s rich content placed Everytown Motors at the top of online search results. And DealerRater’s unique tools helped Everytown earn reviews and use them to drive business. Within weeks, great stories about Ray and his team were in front of millions of in-market consumers.

DealerRater also made it easy for Ray to address the concerns of his unhappy customers before their reviews went live. In many cases, those reviews helped the folks at Everytown improve their processes and provide a better experience.

Soon, customers were walking in asking for Ray and his team by name. Everytown’s numbers were up, all because DealerRater helped them build the most important element of every transaction: trust.

Now it’s your turn. Help put your dealership on the road to sales and service greatness with DealerRater.