This summer, we’re happy to welcome two interns to the team. We’re excited to have them on our planet and we can’t wait to see what they create.

Audrey Ruano

Hi, my name is Audrey Ruano and I was born and raised in Boston, MA. Last year, I graduated from SCAD with a BFA in animation, specializing in 2D animation and motion media. During my senior year, I became more involved in motion design, and quickly fell in love with After Effects animation and vector illustration.

While I plan to keep improving my design skill set, I want to continue my education in electrical systems and explore new ways of incorporating art, design, and science. I have always been passionate about creating and recently, I have also found a new interest in construction and technology. I believe that art and design go hand-in-hand with these interests, and I’m excited to see how I can combine them in the future.

Sammi Brady-Myerov

My name is Sammi Brady-Myerov. I’m 17, and I am a student at Brookline High School. I started animation and art three years ago in my freshman year and I haven’t stopped since.

Besides animation, I also throw shot put, discus, and javelin for the BHS varsity track team; I am the assistant equipment manager for the BHS athletic department; I run the Mutual Aid Brookline hotline; and I am very involved in social justice work around my community.