Over the past month, it feels like the world has changed yet again. This time, though, rather than hunkering down, the team at Planet Nutshell wanted to take action. We’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how we can make a difference, have a positive impact, and make improvements where necessary. And we settled on three key positions that we felt were important to share.

  1. Planet Nutshell remains committed to producing high-quality media that serves a cause higher than ourselves. As a team, we have all made a choice to make media that matters, media that is meaningful, that supports nonprofits and social causes, and that helps our audiences learn and grow.
  2. Planet Nutshell will continue to emphasize and prioritize diversity and inclusivity. It makes us stronger, better, and more aligned with the world we live in. We believe that we can do better in this regard, and we will be launching a new initiative in the coming months that allows us to nurture talent from disadvantaged communities.
  3. Planet Nutshell is working to embody the change we want to see in the world. We can’t share too much now, but we are excited to unveil a major new project soon that amplifies voices that are underrepresented in America. Meanwhile, we are in the process of donating a production to a social nonprofit. 

I want you to know this is not a one-and-done post. We are holding ourselves accountable to these statements and will be checking in with you all — our audience, loved-ones, and clients — about our progress. I remain hopeful and optimistic that we are all moving towards a better place, one that is more just, more equitable, and healthier for all. Change is hard. But it must come and we’re excited to be a part of it.