Bordeaux, France-based Mobiles Republic approached us with a mission to explain their flagship app, News Republic.

They presented us with a unique challenge: Make an “aspirational” Nutshell. Show how News Republic can become a part of daily life, and help people see themselves using the product. That got us thinking about telling a story about a central character.

And so, Dan was born:



From there, we worked closely with the News Republic team to develop the script, storyboard, and animation phases. Here’s Rich Reiter, Mobiles Republic director of marketing and acquisition, explaining that process:

Thank you, and all at Planet Nutshell for a job very well done on producing a video for our app News Republic. And when I say “all”, I especially want to note how your collaborative approach to working with us made this into a true team effort.

The process and the result were true to your word: you asked good questions and listened, and helped us to clarify our message; then chose a style and story that matched our product, kept us on-point through the process, and handed us a fantastic video that did exactly what you said it would: it tells our story ‘in a nutshell’.

You guided us through it with a deft hand, while still giving me a strong voice in the production. I really am pleased with the end result, and would gladly work with Planet Nutshell again on future projects.