We’ve been working with our friends at Utah Education Network for nearly a decade now, so when they challenged us to work with them on a fun, cross-channel experience for UtahFutures, we jumped at the chance. UtahFutures is a one-stop shop for people of all ages and walks of life to discover career opportunities and plan a path to success.

After working with UEN to define the look and feel of the UtahFutures brand, we started with nine 10- to 15-second social media spots, all focused on the theme of transformation — how to get from where you are today to where you could be tomorrow. Here’s one of my favorite spots from that series:

Next, we developed a 30-second broadcast spot that combines many of the character transformations in the shorter spots and entices people to discover the UtahFutures.org site.

And lastly, our art assets were adapted for placements that will appear later this year on trains and busses around Salt Lake City.

I love how this campaign came together, and we owe it to our friends at UEN for this cross-channel strategy. As a studio that focuses on work with social and educational impact, it’s not often that we get to work on campaigns that span social media, TV, and outdoor display. We’re super proud and honored that a Boston animation studio could have an impact all the way out in Utah.