We’ve finally wrapped up a huge project for for Adaptive Biotechnologies, which included the production of two animated videos, as well as animation of dozens of panels in Times Square. What follows is a deep dive into production of episode one of the long form videos entitled “The Adaptive Immune System.”

Upon project kickoff, we created a detailed schedule that helped us stay on track and monitor our progress on the project.

Our work began, as most of our projects do, with a script and storyboard. You can see the final storyboard here via Boords, the collaborative storyboarding app we love to use with clients. The storyboard served as a blueprint for everything that followed.

The first few storyboard panels for Episode 1: The Adaptive Immune System

Next, it was time to develop some style frames, proposed artwork that would appear in the video. There are two starring roles in this production, people and T cells. Below are some early design concepts that developed into final artwork.

And the last part of the process was animation and sound design. The process for Episode One took about ten weeks from start to finish.

We owe a huge thanks to the folks at Adaptive Biotechnologies, who worked tirelessly to help us tell their story by providing guidance and feedback. We’re also indebted to the team who worked on this video:

A Planet Nutshell Production

Creative Director: Joshua Gunn
Scriptwriter: Joshua Gunn
Art Director: Jennifer Sanchez
Storyboard: Jennifer Sanchez
Production Coordinator: Kharma Jones
Illustration: Ana Hill, Natalia Brondani
Animation: Maciek Wójcik
Character Animation: Ethan Barnowsky
Additional Animation: Jennifer Sanchez, Mollie Davis
Logo Animation: Brien Hopkins
Sound Design: Moonwatch Media