While animation is our bread and butter at Planet Nutshell, we have done a number of live action projects over the past few years. Often, these productions combine film with animation in interesting ways, as well.

We have been lucky enough to collaborate with some fabulous live-action producers, including the very talented folks at True Life Media. Meanwhile, our producer, Sam, gets to employ his deep background in live action production; one of his rare talents is creating detailed call sheets so that our shoot days stay on track.

Smooooth sailing: A call sheet for one of our recent shoot days.

Shoot days are a flurry of activity: Setting up locations and lighting, filming b-roll footage, filming interviews, and more. They are carefully scheduled so we can maximize our time and get as much quality footage as possible for a given budget, as we did at a recent shoot at Brigham & Women’s Hospital.

Meanwhile, our internal team is often hard at work on storyboarding and designing all the animated sequences for our hybrid live action/animation projects. Here’s a glimpse into the editing process, combining the animation and live-action for a recent project for Health Leads.

Bringing live action and animation clips together is the final step.

We’ve had a blast creating live action productions for our clients. Here’s a look at just a few of our favorites so far:

Health Leads: Community Referral Networks

(Live action footage by True Life Media)

LightForce Orthodontics

(Live action footage by Bagamor Media)

Alloy Therapeutics: Hello World

(Live action footage by Bagamor Media)