The hits keep on coming. We’re excited to announce a another video for This one was produced for their consumer audience and explains how DealerRater is THE place to find the best car buying and service experiences.



The script:

Rachel’s in the market for a new car. She’s researched what she wants and how much she should pay, but she’s a little worried about finding a dealership that will treat her fairly.

Rachel, say hello to DealerRater, the largest and most trusted place to discover real, verified consumer reviews of local car dealerships.

Why’s DealerRater the best? More than a decade ago, our founder was in Rachel’s shoes, so he decided to make it easier to find trustworthy dealers committed to providing a great customer experience. Today, tens of millions of car shoppers rely on DealerRater reviews to help them find the right dealership.

So, Rachel, let’s get to it. Simply enter a car make and your location, and voila, here’s a list of top dealerships in your area. Many are DealerRater certified, meaning they’re committed to sales and service excellence. Click on the top one and look: Lots of detailed reviews, each one carefully examined to ensure authenticity.

And what’s this? Reviews of individual salespeople who work at this dealership? Yes! DealerRater helps you choose who you’d like to work with before you walk in the door.

Thanks to DealerRater, Rachel put her mind at ease and connected with the right dealer, the right salesperson, and the right car, for her.

Now it’s your turn. Let DealerRater connect you with the right person at the right dealership. Get started now.