The “explainer video” or “video explanation” has become a go-to method for companies and organizations to reach their audiences. Here are a five key reasons why explainer videos are so effective and why you should consider making one:

1. Explainer videos increase conversion
It’s true that making an explainer video can be a fairly significant investment. But the returns are worth it. I was in a meeting with a client just the other day who said, “If this video helps people understand what we are and why they need us, it’ll be worth every penny.”

The numbers don’t lie, either. Our clients have reported a doubling of their conversion rate after deploying our videos. In plain English, that means that twice as many people are making a choice — to download an app, to purchase a product, or to learn more about something — after viewing one of our videos.

And don’t just take my word for it. Over at Transvideo Studios, their clients report a 15-75 percent bump.

2. Your audience needs it
The world is a complicated place. Technology is transforming people’s lives, but it’s also leading to a lot of confusion and anxiety. People are constantly bombarded with pitches for websites, services, gizmos, and health products. Explainer videos help companies and organizations rise above all that noise by helping everyday people feel empowered to make informed decisions. In fact, the explainer video is so well established that many people now expect to see one on a website.

3. Explainer videos aren’t a pitch or an ad
I love Common Craft founder Lee LeFever’s summary of what a good explainer video does that advertising often doesn’t accomplish. He says that explainer videos answer the question “why should I care?”

Where advertising is designed to sell and persuade, explainer videos put that power in the hands of the consumer. They invite people to understand and then decide for themselves. Simple explanation builds trust, which isn’t always the outcome with advertising or a slick marketing pitch.

Be sure to read Lee’s full blog post on the importance and value of video explanations.

4. Explainer videos speak for you everywhere
The beauty of video is that it can work across multiple channels. A fabulous explainer video can and should reside on your homepage, but it can also be used in social media and email campaigns. Many of our videos have been used at trade shows and conventions, and as part of investor pitches.

Also, it can often be hard to get journalists and bloggers to write about your product. Explainer videos make their lives easier because they can simply embed your video in their article. An explainer video is far more likely to end up in news coverage about you than an ad.

5. Explainer videos humanize your brand
This is the part that we’re most passionate about here at Planet Nutshell. We feel strongly that explainer videos should express your brand in a way that makes it more relatable, more heartfelt, and more fun. Explainer videos can show a bit of whimsy and reach out to people, letting them know that you care enough to help them understand.