What a year! Here are some highlights from our best year ever. As I watched these, I felt very proud of the talent and hard work these projects represent. I’m so¬†appreciative of the incredible team we’ve assembled here on Planet Nutshell.

So, without further ado…

General Awesomeness Category

Let’s start with a big one. We created a video that was played on the Nasdaq screen in Times Square to commemorate the IPO of our dear client, Foundation Medicine.



Business Category

This one is a real gem, and we’ve had a lot of folks ask us, “Hey, can you make us an explainer video like the one you did for WhatsApp?” This one stands as our top video of 2014 for a business/tech client.



We also love the art style and storytelling in this one for SmartRocket.



Biotech and Healthcare Category

Our video for Foundation Medicine that explains the unique advantages of their genomic cancer testing protocol is a standout. We’re really proud of the way we synthesized a ton of complex information into an accessible presentation.



Our video for City of Hope, a leading cancer research and treatment center, was a big win for them, and for us.



Nonprofit Category

We’ve been making fantastic videos for the Utah Higher Education Authority for a couple of years now, all focused on helping young people save, budget, and plan for the future. Here’s our favorite from this year’s season.



This video for Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma was a real privilege to work on, and we’re excited about the relationships we’ve formed in the legal aid community.



Education Category

This wonderful educational short, created with the help of WNET Education in New York, and with funding from NASA (yes, NASA!) is a standout from our huge educational output this year. Gotta love that Rhino!



We also worked with KET in Kentucky to produce this math tutorial for grade schoolers. The puffins helped vault this one into our list.