Toronto-based Top Hat came to us with a big challenge: Distill the experience of using their sophisticated interactive teaching platform into a simple and fun video. After a long and fruitful collaboration with the smart and dedicated folks at Top Hat we’re excited to release the video.



The script:

Top Hat Lecture is an app that makes it easy for professors to engage their students during class.

In a traditional lecture, undergrads sit passively, listening and taking notes. And of course, some are checking out social media, or a cool new cat video.

But here’s that same class with Top Hat Lecture:

First, Dr. Smith takes attendance in a snap on her laptop.

Next, she transitions seamlessly to her iPad and presents the lecture slides stored in her Top Hat Lecture account. Everything she presents is visible on the projector screen, as well as on her students’ devices. She can even mark up the slides while moving around the classroom.

Top Hat Lecture also makes it easy to reach out and involve students in new ways. Halfway through class, Dr. Smith posts a question that students can answer on their smartphones or laptops. Then, she can display the results.

Meanwhile, there’s a lively virtual discussion going on; even students who rarely raise their hands get involved. Dr. Smith keeps an eye on the action and asks some students to discuss their viewpoints aloud.

More flexibility, more engagement, more learning. That’s teaching with Top Hat Lecture.

Discover what Top Hat Lecture can do for your teaching by signing up for a one-on-one demo today.