Happy Friday! We’ve got some great Favorites for you this week. Feeling like you need to brush up on the rules of football before the Super Bowl this Sunday? Check out Fraser Davidson’s beautiful and informative “Guide to American Football”. We’re also featuring a short about people who live in extreme wind conditions, a great ad for Hive Active Heating, and information about a Boston screening of Hayao Miyazaki’s Oscar-nominated film, “The Wind Rises”.

“WIND” by Robert Loebel

“WIND” is an “animated short about the daily life of people living in a windy area who seem helplessly exposed
to the weather.”

“A Guide to American Football” by Fraser Davidson

Just in time for the Super Bowl, this video explains football in a visually unique and interesting way.

“Hive Active Heating” by Buck

This is definitely one of the best advertisements we’ve seen in a long time.

The Wind Rises Boston screening – Oscar-nominated filmĀ The Wind Rises is Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki’s most recent work, about a man who designed fighter planes during WWII. It is being screened for one day only at the Brattle Theatre in Harvard Square.