Happy Friday! This will be our last Friday Favorites post for a little while, because we’re going on a short holiday break! This week we’re featuring 2 videos by Alla Kinda, who has made an appearance in our Friday Favorites in the past, a behind-the-scenes Steven Universe production blog, a beautiful wintery comic, and Cartoon Brew’s handy awards season focus. Check them out, and we hope you all have a wonderful Friday, and a great holiday!


ÀnecBlau Spots by Alla Kinda


12 Meses 12 Causas by Alla Kinda and Headless


Steven Crewniverse  – This is a great blog with behind-the-scenes footage from the making of Cartoon Network’s “Steven Universe.”

 By Steven Universe storyboard artist Joe Johnston

Scarf – A beautiful comic by artist Emmy Cicierega about a girl meeting a wintery spirit.

Cartoon Brew’s Award Season Focus – Cartoon Brew helps you keep up with what’s happening in the world of animation during this year’s award season.