We hope everyone is having a lovely Friday! We’ve really been getting in the holiday spirit here at Planet Nutshell (did everyone see this photo of Trevor decorating our office?), so we’ve included a couple of festive favorites this week. There’s also a dog who loves to lick, a creative ad for a “modern tamagotchi”, and a very cool collection of space-themed art. Check them out, and have a great weekend!

A lovely and festive gif by Karoline Pietrowski!


“Dog + boy … lots of licking.”


A promo video by Spain-based Headless for Hatch, a new virtual pet app!


Yule Log 2.0 – A re-imagining of the traditional yule log by  illustrators, animators, directors, and creative coders.

14 Fresh Pieces of Space Art – A brief collection of space-themed illustrations and art from To Infinity and Beyond, a space art exhibition of 40 young Hungarian graphic designers and painters currently on display in the Budapest Planetarium.