Happy Friday! It’s finally summer and boy, has it been a long time coming this year. Here’s to warm weather, sunshine, and lots and lots of barbecues!

This week’s roundup features two animated shorts, a music video, and a cool artist we’ve just discovered. Enjoy!

Totem – Caleb Wood 

Described by the artist as “a celebration of anima,” this beautiful short was animated by Caleb Wood for the “Worship” episode of the Adult Swim series Off The Air. The two minute animation features some amazing loops and beautiful colors, and the overall effect is mesmerizing.

The Art of Robin Davey

We just recently discovered the artwork of London-based artist Robin Davey, and we’re hooked. Much of Davey’s work uses vibrant colors and geometric designs to create fun and unique images and gifs, but a quick glance at his website shows a wide range of styles. We love finding new inspiration, and a visit to our Pinterest reveals that we found plenty of it on Robin Davey’s website.

C2C’s Delta Music Video – CRCR

This music video was created by French studio CRCR for C2C, a band of DJs also from France. The colors are gorgeous, the story is powerful, and it doesn’t hurt that the song is pretty great, too. If you like the sound, be sure to check out the band’s other music.

Johnny Express – Alfred Imageworks

This charming and fun short features slick 3D animation, great visuals, and a story that is out of this world (literally). There is almost no dialogue, but the perfectly executed sound design tells us everything we need to know. Johnny Express was created by Alfred Imageworks, an animation studio based in South Korea.