Our Process

1. Discovery

Duration: 1 week

The first step is getting to know you. We want to understand your audience: Who are they? What do they care about? What are some key use cases and scenarios that embody your product, idea, or service?

2. Script

Duration: 2 weeks | Revisions: unlimited

A great script should tell a unique and fun story, and not just rattle off a bunch of features. It embodies your identity and brand in an original way, and it reveals the why, not just the what.

3. Storyboard

Duration: 1 week | Revisions: unlimited

This phase lets you visualize your Nutshell before we produce it. We brainstorm the best visual metaphors and imagery. Then, we sketch out each scene so you can see how the story will unfold.

4. Design

Duration: 1 week | Revisions: 2 rounds

Time to make things lovely! We propose artwork and assets that will appear in the final video, including characters, props, and backgrounds.

5. Animation

Duration: 3 weeks | Revisions: 4 hours in-scope

And…Action! In this phase, we execute on everything that has come before. Smoke rises from the studio and a great many cupcakes are consumed as we animate your video and engineer a soundtrack.

6. Delivery!

Total Production Duration: 8 weeks for a 90-second video

Your video is delivered in an industry standard format that’s ready for upload to your video host. You feel part of a truly collaborative process. Somebody might get hugged.