Our friends at Foundation Medicine came to us with a unique challenge: Explain why their liquid biopsy genomic assay is the best in the industry. We sat down with their marketing and scientific teams and the result was a big win for them. We’re very proud of this one.



The script:

Obtaining accurate and reliable results from liquid biopsy is a significant challenge. Blood contains a small proportion of circulating cell free DNA, or cfDNA, and only a tiny fraction of it comes from a patient’s tumor. Finding and profiling this circulating tumor DNA, or ctDNA, requires a highly sensitive assay and ingenious computational analysis.

To tackle these challenges, Foundation Medicine, driven by our passion for transforming cancer care, has developed the most reliable and accurate test in the industry: FoundationACT, or Assay for Circulating Tumor DNA.

Our test process, which takes about two weeks, works like this:

We begin with receipt of just two tubes of blood. After plasma separation, we use highly optimized protocols to extract all available circulating free DNA molecules in the sample.

Then, using proprietary technology called FragTag, we accurately identify unique ctDNA fragments among the cfDNA. Much like finding a certain type of needle among many needles in a haystack, effectively isolating ctDNA is a process Foundation Medicine has worked hard to perfect. We’ve achieved a high level of refinement compared to other liquid biopsy assays.

Next, we sequence the ctDNA and apply custom error correction methods during sequencing data analysis. These are highly sensitive algorithms designed to maximize accuracy and identify all four types of alterations that may be driving a patient’s cancer. Then, our expert team of scientists reviews each patient’s results to ensure only those alterations that are truly relevant to the patient are reported.

The testing process ends with an easy-to-read, comprehensive report that empowers oncologists to act with confidence. Plus, by cross-referencing with FoundationONE tissue assay results, our report provides an integrated view of a patient’s tumor genomics.

For patients whose tissue samples have been depleted, or for those with advanced metastatic cancers or hard-to-access tumors, FoundationACT may reveal vital new treatment options.

Results you can rely on from the company you trust. That’s FoundationACT. Talk to your sales representative to learn more about FoundationACT.